Tuesday, July 31, 2012

BenQ W7000 3D DLP

With 3D becoming main stream [well at SMPTE hopes] and more and more 3D projectors are released, it is good to know that DLP is making a stand in the market place.  The BenQW7000 is the 2nd 3D projector I've seen using DLP [Optoma being the 1st].  

The W7000 looks identical to the previous W6000 [which is currently used in my own cinema] except for the new decals sporting 3D.  Apart from some subtle changes to the menu, the W7000 seem to operate the same as the previous W6000.  I was  interested in the projector because of the 3D and its use of DLP Link glasses.  The 3D is actually very good and the ONLY reason I have not upgraded my W6000 to a W7000 is that this unit will not Scale for CIH in 3D.  Optoma does [apparently, as I did not get to test the Scaling in 3D mode] so I do wonder how they missed that one.     

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