Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Look Back At An Earlier Project

Like all successful projects, this one started at plan stage and evolved into a very nice Home Theatre. This project was for a brand new home, and although the house plans already contained a "media room", the dimensions of the room were not ideal for a new construction AV project. Projects of this nature do not happen quickly. Each step from the Initial Plan to the final System Calibration must be agreed too by all parties before being signed off. This project took well over 12 months from the first meeting to the final handover.

A Quick Sketch Of The Room

The original media room was located at the front of the house and had some rather large windows. After several meeting with the owners, the plans were changed [3 times] and the room was located at the rear of the property. All the windows were removed, giving total light control in the theatre.

Working with both the client and architect, the dimensions of the room were also altered [as was the roof design] to allow this theatre to be so much more than just a "media room".

Screen and Front Stage

The stage was custom made for the room and houses the CAVX speakers [third system I built], the electronics and storage for DVDs. The electronics included a THX certified 7.1 AVR, the DVD/VCR combo player/recorder [that passes PLUGE] and a HDTV set top box for free to air High Definition TV. Notice that there is room at the sides for a CinemaScope Screen…

The Rear Of The Room

All cabling was installed at frame stage and the four Surrounds and projector had custom plates that were later colour coded to the walls of the room. The room is actually a much darker brown than this photo shows. Normally dark colours are said to make a room "feel" small. In this room, the walls, the cornice and ceiling are all colour matched. This creates an interesting effect when the only light in the room is from the image reflected off the screen. The soft ambient light actually seems to make the room appear larger than it is…

The CAVX Speakers [LCR] in 2PAK

The CAVX speakers in this system were all finished in 2PAK. There are some small differences between this system and my own [the grey system with the super tweeters] including a slightly different Sub-woofer [with side firing PR] and a different tweeter mounting system that required a higher frequency with the crossover due to the closer spacing of the drivers...


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