Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Custom Scope Installs

The following is brief highlight of some of the custom work I did at the end of 2007 in bringing CIH to my clients. Both of these systems are installed in multi purpose rooms, so will never be dedicated HTs, but it still shows what can be accomplished with some careful design.

In both instances, the clients wanted the biggest, widest screens they could have within the their room. Therefore I used the room design formula to calculate maximum screen sizes, optimal seating distances and best speaker locations.
I also had to engineer custom projector mounts and a custom screen mount.

The PROJECTOR STATIONS are made to provide a neat cosmetic look that is also functional and practical. When using an anamorphic lens, the mount needs to be able to support the extra weight, so traditional "pole"mounts usually fall short of the requirement and the PROJECTOR STATION is really the only answer.

Both systems used Oz Theatre Screen's Acoustic Vision (acoustically transparent screens) allowing the speakers to be hidden behind the screen. Whilst one system employed TRIAD in-wall speakers, the other system used conventional "boxed" speakers from DALI and a custom solution for mounting them had to be engineered.
A Custom Screen Mount

The DALI speakers used in this install are 220mm deep (not including the front grill), so I have taken advantage of the wall cavity to help hide some of their depth as well as allow wiring to the equipment plate underneath without having to cut the timber that makes up the wall frame.

Custom Wall Plates
I moved away from the commercially available wall plates for a few reasons. None of the mainstream products supported 7.1 so I engineered a plate that supports both audio and video and have added a black plate for any "future" upgrades.

Acoustic Treatments
Acoustic tiles are used around the speakers to help reduce reflections from the back of the screen fabric back onto the baffle or wall. This treatment is an integral part of the THX Baffle used in their certified dubbing stages and cinemas.

No system is complete without calibration of the Audio Visual components. Video should run at D6500K and the Audio should play back at +75dB per channel at -30dBFS.

The Look Of Perfect

I have recently added a colourimeter to my CALIBRATION tools to allow more accurate video adjustments. The goal of all video displays is to display grey at D6500K. I am now offering this service to all HT owners in the South East - Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast.

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