Sunday, July 29, 2007

Just Go Scope

More and more people are wanting the cinema experience at home and a front projector is the logical choice for that BIG SCREEN image and the cinema feel. CinemaScope is the choice for most blockbusters for the cinema, and with CIH coming to the home, the decision for many now is whether or not to go CIH straight off, or letter box that image first.

The owner of this system decided that letter boxing was out and ventured down the CIH path for his first projection system buying everything "CIH ready" straight off.

From The Back Of The Room
The screen is from Oz Theatre Screens and is 2.37:1 at 2560mm x 1080mm. The speakers are from the Australian speaker company KRIX and the projector is a BenQ PE8720 with a CAVX Aussiemorphic Lens.

Lens In Place
The Benq provides the needed vertical stretch for "scaling" the incoming signal, and the lens simply sits in the light path allowing full panel, geometry correct images through optical horizontal expansion.

Lens Removed
Naturally, not everything is "Scope", so the owner has opted for the moveable lens solution using a sled for 1.78:1 and 1.33:1. The true beauty of this Constant Image Height system is that all three Aspect Ratios are presented at the same height recreating the cinema experience in the home...


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