Tuesday, March 01, 2011

MK3+C Back By Popular Demand

The last few units are selling fast. This product will not be produced after these units have sold. All lenses in this batch feature the CAVX Corrector as standard making these 5 element adapters.
The actual product is slightly different to what is shown in the image above as I have blacked out the edges of the glass to improve CR.

The CAVX Corrector: The 5th element is an astigmatism corrector and the image below shows an A/B comparison of the image with [left] and without [right]. You need to click the image to see the full effect.

Out of all the test patterns, clearly visible text is probably the best test for image clarity.Despite what has been posted on the internet, CAVX has never sold the design or IP rights of the Aussiemorphic Lens MK3 to any 3rd party company or organization.

Email: aussiemorphic@gmail.com


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