Tuesday, January 08, 2008


In 2008 I added a colorimeter to my calibration tools to allow more accurate video adjustments for the purpose of video perfection. Good looking video requires that the display be set to D6500K, however very few displays are set to this at the factory with many well above this level resulting in inaccurate image quality and colour fidelity.

The colorimeter is PC based and generates it's own HD test signals which are fed directly to the display via HDMI. A sensor measures the screen that is displaying the patterns. Once initial readings are taken, the video display can be adjusted to get much closer to video perfection or D6500K. Printouts of "before and after" of your display can be sent to you if requested as a bitmap.

This tool can be used for all types of displays including FRONT PROJECTION, PLASMA and LCD TVs. The difference needs to be be seen to be believed!

As SOUND is still 50% of the HT experience, I also offer audio calibrations as a part of this service.

The following charts are of my own system (DLP projector) showing what your system can and should look like.


I am now offering this service to all HT owners in the South East of Queensland from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast. If you don't understand what D6500K means, sorry, you're just not getting the picture...

The fee for this service is $330.00 including GST.

You can book on line HERE

Use cavx01@hotmail.com if the email link above is not working.


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