Wednesday, April 16, 2008


With the recent purchase of my Benq w5000, questions were raised as to why it retails for so much less than the W20000. So I arranged to bring my projector to a HT that has served well for many SHOOT OUTS, including last year's Anamorphic Lens shoot out.

The Benq 1080 Projectors
My W5000 is on the lower shelf. Both units were fed the same signal through a HDMI 1.3 splitter from the Blu Ray Player. Before the shoot out, both projectors were calibrated to ensure fairness. The calibration charts for each are below.

I would like to say that whilst the W20000 did produce a slightly better image, there is nothing wrong with the picture quality of the w5000 and I highly recommend it for the budget conscious home cinema.


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