Monday, March 07, 2011


Even though I have often posted the "CinemaScope, you see it without glasses" catch phrase, I have to admit that when 3D and CinemaScope are combined, it is pure video nirvana. My friends at Sunnybank HiFi have certainly changed my opinion of 3D over this weekend [March 5 and 6, 2011] by lending me a Mitsubishi HC9000 [3D] projector, a SONY 3D BD player and some 3D BD titles to use in my own cinema.
Here is a quick snap of me enjoying 3D from the front row [2x the image height]. It amazes me how much negativity there still is to 3D, yet I must say, having had this in my own room, I now want this [and so does Sammy].
If the studios really want 3D to succeed, than titles like the ones picture above need to made available to every consumer and not just be a part of promotional deals such as the Panasonic or Samsung 3D flat panel deals.

AVATAR in 3D is something else. The film in 2D is just not the same experience.
No my camera is not playing up. This is a 3D screen shot without the glasses. Even though AVATAR was released on BD as 1.78:1, the film certainly works for Scope. The purpose of this shot is to prove correct geometry.

The set up used a makeshift stand to sit the Mitsubishi HC9000 on. In this instance, I used (for test purposes only) one of my MK3+C lenses. If I was able to hold on to the projector for a week, then I would have set up my MK4. The MK3+C surprised me allowing good focus edge to edge. despite the shorter than normal throw. Of course it is not as good as a true cylindrical lens which can be dialed in to the exact throw distance, however I was actually impressed with how well it performed. If I didn't own my MK4, I most certainly would be happy with the MK3+C.

The Mitsubishi HC9000 actually works for CIH allowing both "Anamorphic Mode 1" (Vertical Stretch) and Anamorphic Mode 2 (Horizontal Squeeze) to work in 3D. The catch is, you can only select the mode with the disc stopped as it can't process the 3D feed. The challenge for a 3D CIH system is Scaling and apparently because 3D on BD is sequential L/R full frame 1920 x 1080P, the processing in some 3D projectors just can't manage the double load.

Set up is PLUG N PLAY. You simply connect a 3D capable BD player by HDMI, plug in the IR transmitter [that syncs the glasses], select 3D and turn on the glasses to enjoy some of the most amazing images ever seen on home video.



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