Thursday, April 14, 2011

The New Aussiemorphic Lens MK 5

The Aussiemorphic Lens MK5 is the on of the best priced, true cylindrical anamorphic lens of its size on the planet! The MK5 is a complete re-think on the Aussiemorphic Lens and the new case [now made from both alloy and plastic] has been designed to move the front lens in and out extending the operating range even further than that of the older MK4.

Following the design style of the traditional cylindrical anamorphic lens, the case is now 'round'. The optics of the MK5 [originally used in the MK4] are amazing and designed by an optical engineer that designs lenses for Canon Cameras. The round case allows for 'rotation' which allows for an even finer alignment of the lenses because both the front and rear lens can now be rotated for perfect vertical alignment.

The Aussiemorphic Lens MK5
This new case is MASSIVE. I have designed the new case to allow an even greater range of projector throws. The front lens will now move in/out via a threaded sleeve. The new stand has improved adjustments for alignment which now include independent height, tilt and rotation along with yaw. The stand is compatible with CINESLIDE.

Machining parts for the MK5
The new MK5 case features all machined parts. Above is the threaded collar [left] being turned on a lathe, that will move the front lens in and out. The benefits of this design over the previous MK4 lens are - no tool required for the astigmatism adjustment, and your hands will not obstruct the light path whilst performing this. The outer surface of the ring is straight knurled for grip. On the right is the redesigned alloy stand clamp and leg supports which were made on a milling machine. All the alloy parts are all anodized flat black.

The New Aussiemorphic Lens MK5
The Aussiemorphic Lens MK5 Lens is complete. The re-designed stand completes the hi-tech look of the lens. It features a 6mm alloy base plate with 19mm Stainless Steel legs.

Terms and Conditions: This product is not a 'stock' item and because it is custom made, orders can not be cancelled once production has commenced on your order. Refunds will not be issued just because you change your mind.

A little history about the CAVX Aussiemorphic lens:

2005 Research on HT anamorphic lenses begins.

2006 MK1
[first basic 2 prism lens using optic glass]
2007 MK2
[basic 2 prism lens upgraded to feature optic coatings]
2008 Research on cylindrical anamorphic lenses begins.
2009 MK3 [2 prism/4 elements with CA Correction and improved optic coatings]

2009 MK4
[New 4 Element Cylindrical design]
2010 MK3+C [CAVX Corrector is released]
2011 MK5 [
4 Element Cylindrical design with improved case design]2012 MK5 [3rd revision includes engraved focus ring]



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