Friday, October 31, 2008


I have finally added a Blu-ray Disc player [Samsung BD-P1500] to my EQ rack. At last I can play the [limited] collection of Blu-ray titles from MY HD COLLECTION...

I recently had the Firm Ware in the BenQ W5000 updated to allow true 1080P/24 playback. After setting up the player to output 1080P/24, all I can say is WOW, how good does that look?

UPDATE: Not only does the Samsung BD-P1500 play Blu-ray discs allowing me to watch films at 1080P/24, but it also beautifully up-scales SD DVD as well outputting the up-scaled video at 1080P/50 or 1080/60. This player loads quite fast for a HD unit as well, with most titles averaging about 25 second load times.

A few pleasant surprises I have got with this player are:
1. It provides Horizontal Squeeze to native 4 x 3 discs meaning that they display with correct geometry on either the 16:9 or wide mode, or with the anamorphic lens in place and using the 4 x 3 mode. Not that I watch that much 4 x 3 content, but nice to know anyway.

2. Subtitle Relocation for subtitles overlayed as a bitmap like this example of from the film STAR WARS. This player has certainly given "A NEW HOPE" to those into CIH.

3. It passes PLUGE too...


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