Friday, February 20, 2015

ISF Certified Calibrator Level II

I am pleased to anouce that I am now ISF Level II certified.  

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And the kind words of a repeat customer -

"I bought a Mitsubishi projector back in 2009 and out of box and, without any professional calibration, the image was good.  After calibration by Mark the difference was night and day.  The skin tones were natural and the image was much more pleasant to watch.  The improvement in the quality of the image can only be fully appreciated when you see it in person.  To draw a parallel, it is like the difference between listening to a high quality music piece via an average HiFi set and a high quality one.    After many years, that Mitsubishi projector was still providing good service but it was getting towards the end of its life in regards to the lamp and technology.  Therefore I bought a Sony projector which, out of box and with no professional calibration, looked great.  Even though I have some calibration gear and have some knowledge of the process, I asked Mark to calibrate the projector and once again the results were outstanding. The blacks are so much deeper and image has a pop to it.   With my limited knowledge of the calibration process, I could see how Mark is getting around the limitation posed by some of the sets.   I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to calibrate their display, being a projector, a TV or a computer monitor.  The displays in the shops are generally set up to be very bright and over saturated in colour, to attract your attention.  This by no means is an indication that the set is not good.  Once you appreciate the quality of a calibrated image, it is unlikely that you would want to change the settings back to way they were."