Monday, May 30, 2011

Lumagen MINI3D Radiance

Just when everything was looking like CIH was easy to adapt to any system, along comes 3D. Whilst many of the projector manufacturers included scaling for CIH in 2D, they all [except the Mitsubishi HC9000] seemed to miss this for 3D. The solution would be to add an external VP. However whilst many FW upgrades for video processors like the DVDO EDGE allowed compatibility with 3D, they only served as a pass through and would not Scale. Enter the Lumagen Radiance range.
The Lumagen Radiance MINI3D is a compact Video Processor featuring the same processing as the higher spec devices except it has just 2 HDMI inputs and 1 out. It does however scale for 2D/3D as well as offer pre-set custom scaling for 1.85:1 [35mm flat] as well as 1.78:1 [HDTV]. It seems however that to use the 1.85:1 setting, you have to leave your anamorphic lens in the light path.

1.85:1 is just 4% wider than 1.78:1, so the processing has to apply 4% vertical stretch to the image to use the full 1080 lines and to ensure the geometry is correct for use with an anamorphic lens, the image also must be horizontally squeezed [about 21%] meaning the full panel is not used. This is not really an issue as leaving the anamorphic lens in place all the time has proven benefits such as constant pixel density, calibration settings, light levels and geometry [pincushion/grid distortion]. 



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