Saturday, October 02, 2010

CEDIA 2010 Atlanta

This year was my first trip to the US where I attended CEDIA in Atlanta. CEDIA in the US is about 6x the size of the Australia show and as a result of many companies being based in the US, there are many more products that we may never see down under. The following is just a sample of what I saw.

Projector Designs 'Scope' Projector

Whilst 3D was everywhere, so was Scope projection and the first native Scope projector was offered by Projector Design. This is not really a 'native' machine, rather a masked 16:10 [2560 x 1600]. Whilst impressive, it's price places it out of the reach of many and in the end of the day, I still feel a good Anamorphic Lens + 16:9 projector is still the best option.

LED Projectors
This was impressive for the dollar. I was really impressed with the colour, and of course, no rainbows.
The Worlds Largest Plasma

Even though I am not a fan of Plasma, this was impressive. The worlds largest Plasma at 152" and $500, 000USD.

3D Products

I'll start here as this was in my opinon the best 3D I've seen.

This system featured a Barco with proprietry software and delivered the most amazing 3D I've seen. The 3D images depth of field not only extended in to the picture abut also produced almost holographic images that came right out. In one scene, I observed people actually reaching out to touch a 'potato cod' that literally swam right out. This system must have been using a refresh like 144Hz as there was no flicker that I see with the 120Hz home 3D program using LCD shutter glasses. Whilst true 3D was amazing, even the 2D to 3D conversions were impressive.

And unlike many 3D systems, this one used a white screen, not a silver screen. The screen used was the 4K system from SmX which is a massive step up from the previous screen fabric.

Dual Sim 2 Stack
Dual stacking allows for the use of passive glasses instead of LCD shutter glasses. This system used the Dolby 3D glasses which are not cheap. Out of the 2 passive system, I prefer this system.

LG [sorry no image] offered a 6 panel LcOS system which, like a dual projector stack, allowed passive glasses from a single lens solution.

All Things THX
This room is quite special. It was THX certified and completely free standing. The room was quiet, and once inside, the noise from the trade floor was gone. The speakers used in this room are Procella Audio which achieved THX certification during the show.

The THX Booth
Sammy and I in our THX retro T-shirts.

My AVS Interview
Thanks to AVS, I was given the oppertunity to promote the Aussiemorphic Lens MK4. Even though I was not an "exhibitor" this show, it still offered me great exposure and marketing potential, so well worth the trip. The video is on you-tube under 'CAVX Lens'.



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