Monday, June 03, 2013

CAVX Room with REW

 I recently [finally] got REW and the calibrated MINIDSP UMIK-1 microphone and have been able to measure my room.  When I built the room back in 2010, the room was treated and whilst I thought it sounded very good, I had no way to prove it.  Now I am able to generate charts of the in room response.  Here are my charts for Left Centre Right.

The response was originally set up using the MCACC on the AVR.  When I measured the speakers, there was a small peak at 250Hz which I was able to go into the EQ and manually pull out.  The roll off at the top end [2K and above] is because I measured with THX Re-eq engaged.  if you open each chart in a different tab, you may notice the SPL is different.  This is done for the purpose of the charts to show the response in reference to the curve of the mic with the calibration correction file.  When measured with an SPL, each channel actually plays at +75dB [C/slow].    

Whilst there is still room for improvement, considering what the speakers and room have cost, I am very happy with the result.  


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