Tuesday, May 04, 2010

DTV Australia Forums GTG at Selby's Acoustics

Whilst not the first, this was most certainly set to be the largest Home Theatre meet for Australia. Unlike CEDIA [next expo is June 2010], this was organized by Home Theatre enthusiasts for Home Theatre enthusiasts. The original purpose was to allow a select group of members from DTV Forums Australia to experience a Scope set up demoing the MK3 lens at Selby's Acoustics in Halam, Melbourne.

I decided that it would be in my best interest to attend and bring both the
MK4 and CAVX Corrector so that everyone attending could see all three versions and make an informed decision about the products. Due to an unprecedented interest by members, the organizers were then forced to place a limit on the number attending to 50. In the end, 42 showed which is a pretty good effort.

Two rooms were set up, one with a 150" [diagonal] fixed frame Scope screen [used the MK4], the other with a slightly smaller drop down Scope screen [used the MK3].

A real treat for me was having a member bring in his ISCO III for me to demo astigmatism correction to the group. The ISCO III is regarded the best of the best and whilst I did not get to do a shoot out with this lens against my MK4, I think that MK4 held its own so far as pixel level clarity goes.

Along with a dual "Scope" set ups, we also had amazingly loud audio with these speakers. Yes, those sub-woofers are the famed "Seaton Submersives".

As a guest speaker on the night [May 7, 2010], it was my privilege to share both my knowledge and passion for Home Cinema with all who attended. My thanks go out to all involved with the organization and hosting of the event and the members that came for evening.


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