Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Pushing the Envelope

I have recently been involved in a home cinema upgrade where the owner wanted to make a statement room.  After applying his room dimensions to my room formula, I decided to go with a 2m tall CinemaScope AT screen.  The challenge with having a screen of this size is lighting it to at least 16FL.  The original projector in the room was a SIM2 projecting onto a 120" [1450mm tall] 16:9 screen and was only outputting 3.5FL.  Not good enough!
We would need a new projector with much more light output and after looking up some options [both affordable and some no so] I used an Optoma EH501 [which boasts 5000 Lumens with the short throw lens option] plus one of my MK5 Aussiemorphic Lenses.
This projector also does 3D at 144hz and scales for CIH in both 2D and 3D. 

 The Screen

The images above were captured with the lights on.  On a full white field the projection system outputs 23FL!

The screen is 4740mm wide by 2000mm tall.  It is the largest screen I have ever installed and is custom curved to correct pincushion form the A-Lens. The screen is mounted to a custom speaker baffle wall that houses both the LCR speakers [Def-Tech] and two Sub-woofers [PSB].  

The Projector

Both the projector and MK5 are mounted to a CAVX Projector Station to allow perfect light beam to screen alignment.  The image is stunning and razor sharp corner to corner at this size.  

The sound system is 3 way active plus LFE and equalized using 3 mini DSP units that sit between the pre-out and power amps.    

The Aussiemorphic Lens
The Aussiemorphic Lens recently went through another upgrade - new optic coating that completely eliminates retro reflections making it [JVC safe].  This now brings this anamorphic lens into line with the best in the world.