Monday, November 08, 2010

CAVX Diffuser

To create the best Home Cinema, the room must have control over reverberation and have good sound isolation. There is basically three types of wall surfaces in a typical room: Absorptive, Reflective and Diffusive. Absorptive panels are used to reduce reflections. Reflective panels are used to promote reflection [not really used in a HT unless the room is over damped]. Diffusive panels are great for keeping the room live without creating reflections. Basically, sound waves behave like the balls on a pool table. The Diffuser will break up the sound waves without absorbing them. A bookshelf is one item found in a room that can work well, however in my own room which was purpose built for the playback of film sound, no such items exist.

CAVX Diffuser Tile

So in the interest of improving the acoustics of my own room, I have developed an acoustic tile that acts as a diffuser. Basically it a series of non even surfaces that bounce sound in many directions at the same time. The tile is made from black ABS plastic that has been vacuum formed over a mold that I made. The Diffuser is 385mm x 385mm x 75mm. Here the diffuser has been placed between my back surround speakers and it had changed the way they sound in a good way.



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