Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Aussiemorphic Lens MK4 Batch 2

The 2nd batch of Aussiemorphic MK4 Lenses have all shipped.

Due to the desire to deliver the very best product I could for the price, I have reviewed and made some slight changes to the MK4, batch 2 [serial numbers 00011~00020]. Whilst a few are cosmetic, some are indeed practical. As a result, some previously documented images will appear different from the actual product. The revisions are:
  • A redesigned rear lens mounting system including an O-Ring to prevent dust entering the lens case.
  • Re-worked front lens mounting system.
  • Blackening out of the sides of the lenses.
  • A redesigned based plate on the stand to allow "GetGray's CineSlide" compatibility.
  • Detail on the side of the case removed as it was not visible with the stand attached.
  • Laser engraved art work replaces the etched art work.
  • Storm Cases for shipping.
With the lenses from batch 1 [serial numbers 00001~00010], the art work on the cases was engraved exposing the alloy. That process was both time consuming and expensive, so I have turned to laser engraving which simply bleaches the anodizing rather than removing it. As it turned out, the new process was substantially more cost effective and I therefore invested the savings back into the product by investing in "Storm Cases". Therefore each MK4 will now ship in its very own storm case.

Laser Engraving Vs Physical Etching
The part of the left is an original from batch 1. The new batch part on the right now features laser engraving which has been preferred by those that have seen both versions.

I am taking orders for batch 3. You can email me using to inquire about the MK4 and to place an order.

Warranty: Limited 12 months.


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