Tuesday, June 01, 2010

CEDIA 2010

It is official. The CAVX MK4 Aussiemorphic Lens will be shown at CEDIA 2010 [Melbourne Convention Centre, June 23~25] at the JVC stand using their awesome HD950 D-ILA true HD projector.

The 4K projector [3rd image] will also be back. During discussions with JVC, I advised that the best approach to show off both the HD950+MK4 and 4K projectors would be to adopt what is best called a CIH+IMAX approach. Rather than using the dual masking system and VC lens I described in THIS link, we will simply use a 16:9 screen of the same width as the Scope image [4m wide] and use a single drop down masking panel that equates to 25% of the vertical screen height. This mask will be down during all projection using the HD950+MK4 set up and will be used to demonstrate CIH using a HD projector and anamorphic lens. It will only be raised for use with the 4K projector.

Below are some of the exciting products on show at CEDIA 2010.

JVC HD950 D-ILA HD Projector


Below are just some of the images captured.

JVC 3D HD Monitor
3D has progressed quite a bit in the last 12 months. Whilst this is the same monitor shown at last years expo, the content was better and some of the 3D pop out effects were almost holographic. This monitor only required a 3D encoded disc which plays on any 2D player over HDMI 1.3 and passive glasses. The same circular polarized glasses used by the cinema REAL D system works with this display.

The JVC HD950 was used with the Aussiemorphic MK4 to demonstrate CIH. This year the 4K was back, so in order to show both projectors, we used a 16:9 screen with a drop down mask to create what is known as CIH+IMAX as described above.


Meeting up with Anthony Grimani [formally of THX] was probably the single best thing to happen for me at the CEDIA Expo when he conducted a field test on the MK4 and gave it the thumbs up.


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