Wednesday, April 01, 2009

CAVX Projector Station


The CAVX Projector Station is now made of 6mm Aluminum Plate. Click HERE to learn about the latest version of this product.

Due to popular demand, the CAVX Projector Station is once again available to all that purchase an Aussiemorphic Lens. The Projector Station is now router cut from a 15mm industrial plastic and features holes needed for the mounting of many popular 1080 projectors, cable management and allows for precise threaded adjustment to ensure that your projector is 100% level.

The Projector Station was shown showcased at CEDIA 09 [Sydney] with the JVC HD350 and Aussiemorphic Lens MK3.

Compatible Projectors:
BenQ W5000, W20000
Epson TW3000, TW4000, TW5000
JVC HD350, HD 550, HD750, HD950, HD990
[compatible with the new X Series projectors soon]
Mitsubishi HC7000
Optima HD81, HD803, HD8000, HD8200
Sanyo Z700, Z3000
SONY WV10, WV40, WV60, WV80
[note: not all projectors above scale for CIH]

Projector Station RRP: $499.00AUD
Available in Black or White


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