Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Aussiemorphic Lens Shootout

Since the CAVX Corrector has been developed, I have successfully run a small group buy [20 units]. I am hoping that more MK3 owners will contact me so that another group buy will be possible. I have been able to capture images that show the differences between the different levels of Aussiemorphic Lens. I decided to make this a 'shootout' between the three different CAVX Lenses so included the MK4 as well as the MK4 is really the reference level for the Aussiemorphic Lens Range.

A close up of the text in the centre of the image to hopefully allow more detail to be seen in the text.

So as you can see from the images, the Mk4 [left] is the best of the three and the MK3+C [right] is quite a step up from the stand alone MK3 lens [centre].


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