Monday, March 01, 2010


Cylindrical Anamorphic Lenses like the Aussiemorphic Lens MK4 and MK5 have continuously adjustable astigmatism correction. This adjustment is made on the MK4 using the stainless steel cap screw in the front of the lens case. The MK5 has a focus ring that you turn by hand.

When you make the adjustment, the front lens moves in or out and allows the lens to be "focused" corner to corner. Only true cylindrical lenses have this adjustment and why they are superior to prism based lenses. The front lens of both the MK4 and MK5 moves forward when turning focal adjustment [shown with a red arrow] clockwise.
To achieve this level of clarity, you must:

  1. Start with the Anamorphic Lens out of the light path and project an image that has single display pixel lines running in both horizontal and vertical directions and ensure the projector is level.
  2. Focus the projector to be as sharp as possible with the lens out of the light path.
  3. Add the Anamorphic Lens ensuring that it is centered in the light path.
  4. The MK5 has the ability to rotate the barrel of the lens to ensure the image is perfectly level.
  5. Adjust the Astigmatism Correction [cap screw for the MK4 or Focus Ring for the MK5]. DO NOT rock the projector's focus at any time during this adjustment.
When Astigmatism Correction is OUT
When the Astigmatism adjustment is not correct, only one plain will be in focus [typically the horizontal lines] at any one time. Note the vertical line is blurred and this affects the total image. You must find the point that bring both H and V lines into focus at the same time.

Correct Astigmatism Adjustment
When adjusted correctly, both horizontal and vertical lines will be in focus at the same time resulting in perfect image clarity corner to corner.

MK4 Rear Lens Alignment : DO NOT TAMPER

Each MK4 is aligned in the light path of a 1080 projector. Whilst the case [serial numbers 00001 ~ 00010] has adjustments for the rear lens, it is advised that you do not tamper with the lens setting.

Rear lens Alignment is OUT
Both images were taken before the Front Lens was installed. The image above is what happens when the Rear Lens is out of alignment and this prevents the lens from focusing. It must be aligned 100% vertically.

Properly Aligned Rear Lens
Only when properly aligned will the Anamorphic Lens be able to truly focus . This adjustment is not intended for end MK4 Lens users. Warranty is VOID if damage to the glass occurs as a result of tempering with these adjusters.



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