Sunday, April 22, 2012

Going AT Part 2

I am now offering AT fabric for those wishing to make their own AT screen.  If you build your frame, you can buy just the AT fabric by the lineal meter.  Roll widths are 2.5m or 3.0m and you simply pay by the meter.

 There are two basic weaves that I offer.  The fabric on the left is called 2x2 and it is the same as the fabric originally sold by SmX.  The ratio of hole to surface area is 5/95.  The fabric on the right is called 2x1 and has just 3% hole to 97% surface area.  Both have excellent reflective properties and a gain of about 1.16.  The AT fabrics I sell are white, not cream or egg shell.  The are also grey/white versions as well as black for AT masks.